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      St. 彼得的教堂



闭上眼睛,做梦吧 ...

大家早上好!  For those who are new to 巴黎人登录官方网站, my name is Fr. 斯科特和我是这里的牧师.  This morning, I really want to share with you how excited I am for this coming school year.  Your teachers have been working really hard this summer to make this the best school year that you’ve ever had.  是的, 会有家庭作业和小测验, 测试和项目, but you’ll also have the chance to explore some really cool stuff.  They’re excited about it, I’m excited about it… and I hope you’re excited about it too. 
One of the cool things that I was able to do this summer was go and visit different churches.  授予, 这可能不是你想要的乐趣, but for me seeing old churches is something that I’m interested in and so I did it.  I try to live into what it means to be intellectually curious.  一个炎热的周日早上, 我当时在离这里30英里的教堂里, and I saw this really sweet old lady leading her granddaughter by the hand into church.  这个女孩很可爱.  Red hair, little dimples, and the sweetest smile you’ve ever seen.  可爱的. 
As they got ready to go in the front door, the woman said to the little girl, “Sweetie, do you remember why we’re quiet in church?”
“是的,娜娜。” 她说.  “巴黎人登录官方网站不想吵醒人们!”
我失去了它.  Here was this little girl speaking truth to me – I was in for a longggg sermon.  But then the grandmother shot me eyes that told me I was in trouble. 
她说, “That’s right Margaret: church is a place for dreaming, and we don’t want to wake anyone up from their dreams.”
This girl had been taught a great truth: Church is a place for dreaming – this chapel is a place for dreaming. 
Christchurch is a proud school, a proud 圣公会 school.  Being an 圣公会 school means that everything we do finds its basis in the Christian tradition.  This is a tradition that believes each one of you is uniquely created and has purpose in this life; it’s a tradition that believes in second chances, 即使这样做看起来很疯狂.
最好的部分, 虽然, about being an 圣公会 school is that you don’t have to believe a thing… you just get to experience its truth by living here as 一个社区.  If you’ve ever wondered “why am I so different,” you will find that the people here love you just the way you are because God made you who you are.  如果你是来寻求第二次机会的话, you know we mean it when we say we are who we are because of God’s story of redemption.  These walls can testify: we live life together, and we recognize the abundance God has given us.
Part of this tradition also recognizes that we’re not perfect.  We’re going to mess up and get it wrong sometimes.  And (and this is a big AND), and we acknowledge this and try again.  We try to live life as God created it to be lived.  We try to live into the story that God wrote for us… we try to live into the dream that this old woman was teaching her granddaughter about.  And I think that’s a pretty cool way to live. 
Every week, we’ll gather in this chapel to dream. We’ll close our eyes and hear a story about what it means to be human.  These walls have their foundation deep in this story.  We will come to know what it’s like to be formed of the dust of the earth, 被塑造就像陶工塑造泥土一样.  We will come to know what it’s like when this potter holds us in his hands and then breathes in us the breath of life.
We will dream about what it means to be truly alive.  去探索广阔的世界.  Mr. Byers said it best on Monday: the white fences are not meant to keep the world out, they’re there to know that we’ve brought the world to you.  We’re a school that believes in each one of you, because we believe that God formed each one of you by hand.  Every gift, every skill, every hope and dream – we believe – was given to you by God. 
Every week we will gather in these walls, together, to take part in this dreaming.  巴黎人登录官方网站会对周围的世界感到好奇.  We’ll grow our self-confidence in who we are – not a boastful “look at me,而是谦逊的, “我知道我能做到.”  We’ll find that there are differences between us, 巴黎人登录官方网站会善待彼此, accepting each other as we are – because we all are seahorses, 巴黎人登录官方网站会尊重这一点的.  And finally, we’ll do all of this with integrity. 
你看到, not only do we believe that the great potter molded each one of us from the dust of the earth, but we believe that the potter’s fingerprints remain on each of us.   People will try to categorize, to throw us in a box.  但不管巴黎人登录官方网站来自什么文化, 巴黎人登录官方网站的肤色, 或者巴黎人登录官方网站支持的政治, at the end of the day we’re all basically human, 巴黎人登录官方网站都需要彼此.  在安德鲁刚刚读过的故事中, God (the potter) recognizes that the human needs companionship:, 一个社区.  The story tells us that every animal you could imagine was there, but the human’s desire for community was something those things couldn’t satisfy.  人类需要和真正的人坐在一起, 和真正的人一起欢笑和玩耍, he needed real people to study and learn with.  他需要和真人一起做梦.
Close your eyes and dream, my brothers and sisters.  Imagine the world as God imagines it, and see yourself living it.